Night one down….ready for more.

16 Sep

So, it is about 3 a.m. here in Germany. But, as you might expect, my body has not adjusted to the time change yet. So, here I am typing away when I should be SLEEPING. With that in mind, I’ll keep this short and sweet. Yesterday was a little rough truth be told.  Arriving here trying to have little or no expectations but then still feeling totally disorganized and out of place left me feeling a little rattled. Yes I wanted to walk right into our apartment (temporary until we can find a permanent place) and fall right in love with my new “home”.  Didn’t happen.  So I wrestled with how I would make this place feel comfortable and how I could get Quinn acclimated quickly (read- get myself acclimated quickly, that girl is a trooper!)  “It’s going to take time” I told myself.  Then today we went out to run some errands and pick up a few necessities and it was amazing how quickly things started to seem better.  I really enjoyed the energy of the city when we were out shopping.  And although I speak no German, I was able to order my coffee at Starbucks and get something for lunch.  I started to feel my adventurous side coming out.  I’m not saying we’re all settled in by any means or that there won’t be some rough days ahead.  BUT, I am glad we took this leap.  And I’m looking forward to what’s in store.

Now on to that thing called sleep…


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