Hallo, ich bin Rachael.

21 Oct

Our first German lesson was tonight.  And after two hours I learned how to say “I am Rachael”.  Promising, I know.  So yeah, this foreign language thing is hard!  I am dreaming about my high school Spanish class.  Even my college Spanish class with the Venezuelan professor who wouldn’t speak ANY English.  At all.  Ever.  Those would be a breeze compared to being in these German lessons.  I mean they have syllables we just aren’t capable of pronouncing.  Or at least, I am not capable of pronouncing.  At one point I was trying to pronounce “er”  which to me sounded like “air”.  My instructor and I went back and forth several times and basically I think he gave up.  Next time I should seriously video record the lesson.  I would probably benefit from being able to replay it and you all would have laughs for days.  Seriously, it’s that ridiculous.

Clearly, I need to study.  Help.


2 Responses to “Hallo, ich bin Rachael.”

  1. mary October 22, 2010 at 1:18 pm #

    Maybe you need to find old SNL videos of “Sprockets”. Mike Myers will be sure to help you with the “Cherman” accent. OH JA!


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