Special Delivery!

23 Oct

Today Quinn received a package from St. Louis!  Her birthday presents from Grammy, and all her Aunts/Uncles and cousins arrived.  She had a blast opening her gifts and I had fun looking at all the adorable outfits we, er…I mean she got.

Yay, another box to play with!

I'll take that...

Seriously, these are all for me Dad??

Hmmm...Happy Birthday to me!

Huh, what's in here?

I love getting new clothes!!

Yessss, a new vtech book! Just what I wanted!!

Okay so here’s a preview of some of Quinn’s new threads.  We just might have to do a fashion show soon!



Ohhh, pretty.

These are just my style!

Can never have enough pink!

In general this is how I feel about all my gifts….

This can't be real. I am going to be stylin'!

Thank you so much St. Louis family!!!  We miss you tons and can’t wait to see you at Christmas.  We really appreciate you shipping all of these things so far- Quinn loves everything!!


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