The Zeil

1 Nov

Friday was a nice little outing for us!  We managed to take the strassenbahn from right in our neighborhood to the Hauptbanhoft (Frankfurt’s main station) and then get on the S-Bahn heading into a part of Frankfurt we hadn’t visited yet for some shopping and walking around.  This felt like a huge success because we not only learned how to purchase the correct ticket but we also were able to change trains and arrive at our intended destination without getting lost!  Wow.  There is an area in downtown Frankfurt with many outdoor shops and restaurants called the Zeil and there is also a mall that has been added to the area as well with lots of indoor shopping.  We just went to the outdoor area and walked around and then found a bite to eat.  It was lovely.  Anyone who visits- we will be sure to take you too!!

part of the Zeil

We stopped for a warm glass of gluhwein!

The outdoor seating comes with blankets! I doubt you can see them but they are draped over the chair backs.

All of the bikes have fenders and baskets....not really related to the Zeil, but this is something we see everywhere.



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