Two is better than one!

20 Nov

These look good together...I know.

Since I posted “This is how I roll” the fascination with hats has grown.  Daily in the last week Quinn has found one of her hats and “asked” to have help putting it on.  (These fitted winter caps are still a little hard for her to manage by herself.)  Today she already had a hat on and she grabbed another one and started trying to put it on too.  I (stupidly) thought she wanted to switch hats so I took off the first one in order to switch them for her.  Well, clearly I have no idea about fashion!  Quinn let it be known she wanted the first hat still on.  As well as the second hat.  The good news is I bought the orange hat before leaving the States and have tried on numerous occasions to get her to wear it.  She pretty much refused every time and I was feeling like I would never see that cute hat put to use.  Now she actually is interested in it.  Yay!


Is it too early for a dress up bin?


2 Responses to “Two is better than one!”

  1. Helen November 22, 2010 at 2:06 pm #

    You just have to chuckle. She is too dern cute! What a kodak moment!!

  2. Valarie November 29, 2010 at 11:49 pm #

    Quinn may be reading the fashion magazines…I read recently in one of mine that the trend is wearing more than one necklace. She just did it with hats! She must be a fashionista, I mean the trends do come from Europe, right??

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