Brussels Part one…

29 Nov

Well technically this is part two if you count the little “preview” I posted yesterday.  But, let’s not split hairs and just get down to the business of our time in Brussels.  It was awesome.  It was very hard not being with our families during the holiday.  We missed our families, friends, and let’s be honest…the food.  But, in lieu of Thanksgiving home with our loved ones we had our own mini holiday in a new city.  Here are some pics from our trip-

We arrived to a very rainy Brussels

Some pictures taken from our hotel room right after arriving

Despite the rainy (actually at this point almost sleet) weather we decided to walk around just a bit and get something to eat. Couple more pics of the area right outside our hotel-

Forgot to mention when I posted this yesteday that this building is the Brussels Stock Exchange

Advertisement for the Christmas Market we ended up going to the next night

Yes that is a Pizza Hut on the right, not sure if you can see the sign due to the light.

We did not eat at the Pizza Hut; I mean come on, that would be such a waste of time.  But, I will say- that place was packed every time we walked by.


Home during our stay

Upon returning to the hotel…

Quinn tried to phone home to wish her loved ones a "Happy Thanksgiving"

We spent a lot of time just walking around the city and enjoying the architecture, the people watching, and of course- the smell of chocolate and waffles.

The tops of the building peeking through in the back is from the Grand Place which you will see more of in a bit.

One word for the smell coming from this place...divine.

This picture is not the greatest, but every single menu item at this restaurant came with fries. Um I think that's what the menu in heaven looks like.

This was an inside gallery or row of shops we walked through.

It is here where I saw these shoes:

And yes, that would be 100 Euros for those kids shoes. Nice of them to put candy in the display though...I suppose to distract from the outrageous price of the shoes!

More of the Grand Place peeking through in the background.

Adorable little street with tons of amazing restaurants.


Notice how close the awnings are? They practically touch.

One of our stops to try chocolate.

Quinn was not about to be left out of the chocolate sampling.

Elephant made of chocolate outside of Chocopolis.

Gotta break here folks!

This is just a portion of our trip.  More to come, including The Grand Place (at day and at night…so pretty!) and the Christmas Market.


2 Responses to “Brussels Part one…”

  1. Katie Day November 30, 2010 at 3:24 pm #

    Looks like fun. I want to eat that elephant!

  2. Helen December 1, 2010 at 6:15 pm #

    All I can say is WOW!! Thanks Rachael!!!

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