Snowfall in Frankfurt

8 Dec

I contemplated walking to the store tonight for diapers.  I wanted to stay inside, drink a glass of warm, red wine and take a hot bath.  But, Quinn does need diapers.  Then Joe mentioned it had started snowing and I took a look outside.  

And the winner is……wine and bath!  Guess the diaper bag reserve of diapers will have to do till tomorrow.

As a side note- Did you know that it is a law (along with many other things) to have snow tires in Germany?  There is a certain date that is the cut off and it is required by law to have the proper tires on your car or else… Well, the “or else” is that if you have an accident or any sort of mishap, it won’t be covered by your insurance.  Plus you will be fined for being in violation of the law.  Wowzers.  These people are serious.



One Response to “Snowfall in Frankfurt”

  1. Katie December 8, 2010 at 10:55 pm #

    Okay. Beautiful. Something about that picture and the idea of wine in Germany makes me want to have a holiday in Europe. Pronto.

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