Christmas Recap

8 Feb

Yeah, Christmas was awhile ago.  I know.  But, since this blog serves as my own little “journal” and record of events I’m getting too old to remember on my own, I need to at least put something down about Christmas.  And the weeks (okay, month/s) since Christmas have just been plain crazy.  So this is really the first opportunity I’ve had to reflect and record.

Once we recovered from our iron man competition style flight home we had the BEST time with family.  I think anyone who has ever experienced being separated by an ocean from their loved ones can relate with a special understanding to just how wonderful it is to be with family.  First up was Columbus:

Pretty much we soaked up as much family time as possible, ate lots of delicious food, shopped and did last minute preparations for the holiday, and tried to teach Quinn how to be a good house guest despite being jet lagged and torn between time zones.

We had to take Quinn to see Santa.  At this point she was very happy, still not knowing she was about to be placed in the lap of a complete stranger and stared at by everyone else around.  She handled it pretty well, but let’s just say she and Santa aren’t bff’s….yet.  Of course you can’t take your own pics of Santa so it’s too much effort right now to find the one I purchased and scan it and post.  You can just take my word on how it all went down.

Right before stepping up to see the man in the big red suit.


A visit from the Skerls!  Well, 50% of them at least.

My friend Sara, Quinn, and Sara's son Brady (who is HALF of Quinn's age, but practically her size).

Quinnie and Grandpa on Christmas Eve

Quinn later informed me she is making red and leopard her Christmas outfit tradition


Jacobs crew on Christmas



Pot Pie head playing with some new gifts

Merry Christmas!

Doggie Love- Okay so most of you probably know this, but Quinn LOVES dogs.  I mean, loves them….really, really loves them.  If she hears a dog barking she usually stops what she’s doing and listens carefully to make sure she has identified the sound correctly.  Then she “barks” back…something like in 100 Dalmations when the dogs signal the other dogs through a series of coded barks.  It’s like they’re her people.  Anyway, here is a video of her laughing at the dogs at my parents house on Christmas morning.  My parents’ dog and my sister’s dog were playing and Quinn was enjoying the show.

Just hanging out with my buddy Ruthie

Want a kiss?

After celebrating in Columbus we headed to St. Louis to be with Joe’s family.  We had a wonderful time there too and once again the time flew by.  Quinn loved being around  her cousins and having a steady stream of playmates. We truly enjoyed our time there with everyone and can’t wait til we can get back again!

Cousin Emery and Ellie helping Quinn with her present

MOST of the cousins...there are a few missing; Quinn is number 13!

Timmy, Quinn, Ellie, Ian, and Emery...Quinn misses her cousins!

Somehow she ALWAYS ends up with a phone in her hands.

Grammy, Grandpa, Quinnie, and Daddy on New Year's Day

Nicholas, T.J., and Quinnie

Thanks to both our families for being such gracious hosts and for all the wonderful fun we had while we were home.  We miss you!!!



2 Responses to “Christmas Recap”

  1. mary February 8, 2011 at 8:52 pm #

    I love the video! She’s such a ham. I would love to introduce her to Madge. They would be BFF’s. 🙂 So glad you are back on line. I miss your posts. Let’s talk soon!! 🙂 Hope the new home is everything you wished for. xoxoxo, Mary

    • Rachael February 13, 2011 at 6:29 am #

      Mary, Quinn and Madge would be bff’s! I’m sure of it. The house is good, just slow getting settled. I miss you too!

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