The move

9 Feb

Okay, so you all know by now we have moved.  Finally.  We are in the process still of getting all settled and organized here (pictures to come) but I thought I would make a little timeline showing what all has taken place the last few weeks.  Let’s see how well my memory is working, it seems to be fading in and out these days:

  • January 3rd: Return to Frankfurt at an ungodly hour in the morning and begin the agonizing pleasant task of getting Quinn back on a regular schedule and adjusted to the time change.
  • January 4th:  Begin the process of getting our German driver’s license (still don’t have them) and start scrambling to find a house to move into.  Long story short is that the house we had picked before going home for Christmas was rented out to someone else while we were gone.  That left us less than 2 weeks to find another house and get moved.  Uh-huh.
  • January 5th: Look at a house we decide is the one for us…YAY!  This was a HUGE relief.
  • January 8th: Attend the lease signing which had the feel of a formal house closing.  This was a 2 hour meeting with our relocation agent, the agents for the property, and the owner.  Let’s just say the lease was (okay, is) about 12 or 13 pages long and includes clauses directing us to “air the property out sufficiently on a regular basis” etc.  Don’t believe the hype- Germans are NOT detail oriented.
  • January 11th: Do a “walk-through” at the new house with our relocation agent and the property agents.  This involved walking through (go figure) the entire house and documenting everything about its existing condition; yes pictures AND video were taken.  We thought we were “getting the keys” and really we were getting a 3 hour tour of everything our kid could possibly destroy before we move out.  Awesome.
  • January 12th:  Our belongings from the States get delivered to the new house.  The movers put together the furniture and then leave us with a sea of boxes.  I start hyper-ventilating.
  • January 13th-16th: Our landlord at the temporary apartment is nice enough to let us continue staying there so we have more time to get our belongings in that apartment over to the new place.  That took several car trips because we had received an air shipment from the States with lots of our clothes, Quinn’s toys etc. that we needed before we got the rest of our stuff.  We work on transferring all of those things to the new house and try to spend some time unpacking boxes as well.  I find a mouse has been in the house with the discovery of everyone’s favorite kitchen accessory: turds.  I start hyper-ventilating.  (As a side note, I am not a generally squeamish  person.  I don’t mind blood, spiders, bugs etc.  However when it comes to food and where my food is stored I have issues.  And mice absolutely disgust me.  Just thinking of them makes me get those belly quivers you feel right before you hurl.)  Don’t worry you can all rest tonight knowing that there is no mouse in this house.  The house had been vacant for a couple months prior to us moving in and during that time it seems a little critter took shelter here.  He/She/It is gone.
  • January 17th:  One of the movers comes back to help us unpack more boxes and take packing materials away.  (You can’t just leave the empty boxes at the curb for pickup)  Jurgen is a very nice man who is endlessly patient with us as we go through things and decide what needs to go where.  He also has Poker Face as his ringtone for his cellphone.  We spend our first night in our new place.
  • January 18th-25: We start unpacking and trying to get somewhat organized.  Somewhere during this time we realize that we were a tad hasty in determining how a few of our rooms would be used.  We decide we want to switch around the bedrooms and office.  All of the furniture is already in place.  So we call the movers and ask if they can help us.  Meanwhile much of the unpacking has reached a screeching halt while we contemplate our new layout ideas.
  • January 26th: Another mover visits our house once again to help rearrange the necessary items to accommodate our new and improved vision for the place.
  • January 30th: Joe heads to Italy for work.  Quinn and I familiarize ourselves with our new town a bit and take care of some details such as more paperwork for our licenses etc.
  • February 2nd: We get our internet, cable, and phone turned on.  Sike.  We get all the necessary (at least we think) tuners, routers, cords, cables etc. to set it all up ourselves.  And a big, fat instruction packet all in German.  Very helpful.
  • February 3rd: Joe returns from Italy late in the evening.
  • February 4th: A man not from the cable company, but someone our relocation agent tells us about comes to help us connect our cable and internet.  We celebrate being able to once again communicate with the outside world.
  • February 9th:  I take a good look around this place and realize I need to stop blogging and start working!

2 Responses to “The move”

  1. Valarie February 13, 2011 at 11:17 am #

    I love that Jurgen’s ring tone is Poker Face. That guy sounds like he knows how to party!

    • Rachael February 14, 2011 at 1:07 pm #

      Val, I almost died when his phone started ringing. It took me a second to figure out that the song (actual song with lyrics, not just the melody) was coming from his phone! So hilarious, I could barely keep a straight face.

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