Baby got lag…

27 Aug

Yes, that is to the beat of Sir Mix-a-Lot.  That’s what lack of sleep does to you.  It makes you CRAZY.  We are just back from the U.S. and until Quinn figures out we’re not on Central time anymore, we must all bow to her schedule.

It’s been so long!  How is everybody?  I’ve got SO much to write about, many pictures to post, and who am I kidding- laundry to do.  But for now the main task is getting back on schedule.  Today the Gummersbach family slept until noon.  Yes, 12pm.  Uh, I haven’t slept that late since I was a teenager.  But, when your kid is awake between the hours of 11pm and 3:00am wanting to romp around and play, and eat and play, and read and watch “ELMO!”, well it takes its toll on you.

Let’s see, in the last 6 weeks we’ve had my parents visit, my sister visit, and been to the U.S.  Throw in mini trips to London and Zurich in the mix and that makes for a very full summer!  It’s been great and there is so much I want to share.  For now though I just want to say hello, let you know we’re alive and there are more blog posts to come!  At this very moment Quinn is screaming- torn between going to sleep (like she should!) and thinking it’s only dinner time…thank goodness for husbands who take their turns with restless kiddos.

Hopefully within a few more days we’ll be heading into our normal routine again and I will be able to organize photos etc. so that I can get this blog updated with everything that has happened over the last several weeks.

Hope everyone has had a lovely summer!


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