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Good Friday

25 Apr

We have been very blessed to have wonderful neighbors all around us.  From the families living right next door, to the friendly people across the street, to the neighbors one building over, we have met lots of great people who we are getting to know better as time goes by.  On Good Friday some neighbors of ours with a daughter Quinn’s age invited us over for breakfast (and actually again for dinner) which made for a really nice day.  The weather was gorgeous and we were in great company.  In true Quinn fashion she had no trouble making herself at home:

Don't mind if I do...borrow your chair. And your hat.

I'm outta here, I've got shopping to do.

Now you may not have noticed but that’s actually two different blue hats above…neither belonging to Quinn.  Yup, she helps herself.


Fasten your seatbelts…..

12 Sep

We’re in for a wild ride. So, as many of you know we are headed to Germany for 3 years. I want to keep everyone ( well those of you that are interested, haha) up to date on our experiences overseas as well as Quinn’s growth and development since we will be away from family and friends for so long. Stay tuned for lots of updates and pictures etc. as we go on this journey as a family. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers too! We are expecting great things from this adventure. We will miss all of you  so keep in touch!