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Happy Anniversary….in Germany!!

4 Oct


Joe and I on our wedding day...happy, happy, happy!


So today is our wedding anniversary!  Two years have flown by….man, you people were right.  We’ve covered a lot of ground in those two years.  Let’s see: I relocated to the other side of Cleveland to be with Joe, we had a baby, and now here we are on another continent.  That’s the very abbreviated version of things.  Yup, life has changed.  And fast.  Some things have stayed the same though- Joe is still the most wonderful man I know.  The reasons I married Joe; his impeccable moral code, love for his family, spirit of generosity and service to others, wonderful sense of humor and ability to not take himself too seriously…those have all remained.  The same.  Unchanging.  What a blessing to be able to rely on that!

Here are a couple other photos from our wedding day:


Yes, Joe continues to make me laugh like that. Which is awesome.


And here we are now…as a family in Germany.  Wow.


Our family of three in Frankfurt, Germany


I could never have predicted when I met Joe (or married him) how the next few years would play out.  I’m glad though…it’s been full of surprises.  Wonderful surprises.  I’m looking forward to many more years married to a wonderful husband.  Something tells me I better keep my seatbelt on though….obviously we’re on quite a ride.