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Board books are sooo boring…

17 May

Like most kids her age, Quinn LOVES books.  In fact, “reading” by herself is one of the things she does to stay entertained while I make lunch or clean up around the house.  That and throwing things in the toilet.  You know, both equally entertaining.

She often takes her books to a large floor cushion we have and plops down to enjoy the printed word.  Ads, newspapers, and discarded letters (if they’re written in German we just pass them on to Quinn!) all qualify as interesting reading material too these days.  But apparently Quinn has a yearning for something deeper…more meaningful.  

This Max Lucado book was sitting on the end of the table the other day as Quinn was finishing breakfast.  She HAD TO HAVE IT.  You know, the kind of stretching and reaching that kids do to get their hands on something….the kind where you’re afraid they might pull a neck muscle.  As if their heads can reach further than their hands.  Anyway- Quinn wanted the book.

Sorry “Pat the Bunny”…you ain’t got nothing on 223 pages of Max Lucado.


What’s with the toilet obsession?

4 May

Um, Quinn seems to be quite fascinated with the toilet these days.  Which would be awesome- if it involved sitting on it and you know, actually using it for its intended purpose.  No, her interest lies in tossing in objects and then having me fetch them out.  Ewww.  Seriously Quinn?  In the last day alone, I have rescued a horse and polar bear (thankfully both plastic and easily sanitized) along with a less fortunate stuffed knight (who now must be tossed in the washing machine) from the ultimate swirlie.  I *foolishly* think she is playing contentedly for a few minutes while I prepare breakfast or clean up lunch, only to be beckoned for by what resembles Lassie calling for help.  Quinn runs into the kitchen and through a series of “barks” and twitches pointing in the direction of the bathroom, signals someone is in distress.  Poor horsey laying there helpless and on the verge of drowning.  Upon retrieving the most recent victim I told Quinn “No throwing things in the toilet.  That’s icky and we don’t put toys in the toilet.”–Instead of realizing she was being scolded and getting upset, she laughed.

I guess it’s time for one of these:

And some of these:

Best. Shoes. Ever.

7 Apr

I’m not really a pink person.  I don’t think I own one article of pink clothing.  It was never even a thought to incorporate pink into my wedding colors.  I don’t get all giddy over shades of rose and bubble-gum hues.  BUT these are the best shoes ever.  Period.

Brand spankin' new sparkly chuck taylors

My parents gave these to Quinn at Christmas and I’ve been waiting (patiently I might add) to put these on her since then.  I’ve pulled them out of her closet and admired them plenty of times.  I’ve placed the bottom of them next to shoes she wears, lining up the soles to see if they will likely fit.  They’ve always been too big so I set them back in the closet and groan about how cute they are and how I can’t wait to have her wear them.

Today was “see if the pink chucks fit” day…and yes!  Well, they might be a tad big, but I figure it’s just extra wiggle room for her pudgy toes.  And I could not resist any longer.  Because is there anything cuter than a sweet little tot in sparkly pink converse?  I think not.

"Can we get on with our walk please?"

* side note-  this picture would be so much better without the pacifier.  I know!  She rarely uses it during the day but this was pre- naptime which is always an interesting time and sometimes requires the “sass” as we affectionately call it.


Defense…a letter from Quinn

19 Feb

In response to some of the bad publicity I’ve been getting lately (e.g. drawing on the walls and shredding the toilet paper; thanks Mom for going public with those) I wanted to submit my own version of things.  I am a delightful 16 month old who provides much joy on a daily basis.  Yes, I will admit I am very curious and tend to act on my impulses but I mean no harm.  It’s simply not fair; adults get all the fun.  I mean they get to touch everything and go everywhere.  Why can’t I?  I need to explore, express myself…be free.  Ugh, sometimes being a one year old is so stifling.  I submit to the jury that I am an innocent, sweet child who is being misrepresented.  Since I don’t have anyone who can be a character witness (except my mom, but geesh) I submit these pictures as evidence of my “true” self.

Awww....shucks. You make me blush.

I mean, I have a really big head. And really small feet. I have other things to worry about besides ripping toilet paper and defacing property.

See, how sweet? I'm like this ALL the time, I swear.

So ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I implore you to search your hearts (and review the evidence) and decide for yourselves…who do you believe?



Edwina Scissorhands

16 Feb

Out of my eyesight for a mere 30 seconds and here is what I found:

Follow the trail...

Hey Shredder, what's behind your back?

Creating a monster…

9 Dec

One of the things Joe and I started doing to distract Quinn when she wants something she can’t have or just needs to be kept entertained for a minute to regroup and hopefully sidestep a potential meltdown, is showing her pictures/videos on the computer.  Initially it started out as showing her the montage I made for her first birthday because all of our family is in it and we could point out grandparents, aunts/uncles, and cousins.  With the creation of the “Elf Yourself” video I made of Quinn recently, that has now made it into the rotation as well.  And, I think girlfriend likes seeing herself.  Since Quinn can’t quite say “Indulge my narcissistic side Mommy and play my elf video”, she frequently comes over to the computer area and grunts and nods toward the computer.  And like the good parents we are…we obey.

Man, I love myself.

I look suh-weet.

Give me the real deal…

30 Oct

Recently Quinn has entered the phase of “Don’t cut that up into baby size pieces for me.  Pah-lease!  Give me the the real deal.  The whole enchilada por favor.”  Here area couple pics of her dining “big girl style”.

Notice the apple she didn't eat the whole thing, but she took MY apple and started munching away. She did eat a good bit of it!

Somehow she looks so innocent doesn’t she??

Gee, I hope no one notices me over here eating this apple...

Yup, this looks about my size.

Hmmm, this crust is a bit tough.

How am I doin' Dad?

Yes, I can still see you Mom. And don't even think of taking this bread away.




Birthdays are also for celebrating…

7 Oct


Being one is fun!


So yesterday was Quinn’s birthday.  All day Joe and I marveled at the fact that an entire year had gone by.  We looked at our daughter and said “she’s not a baby anymore”.  And then we had cake.  Kidding.  We opened presents.  And then we had cake. Our celebration was small and intimate…just the three of us.  Well, and our landlord.  But that’s a whole other story, maybe even blogpost.  In all seriousness though we had a great day just looking back over the past year and looking forward to all the continued joy we know Quinn will bring.  Here are a few pics from the day:


We could have just stopped there....ribbon would have been enough.



Her new wooden duck pull behind toy



Umm..she's advanced. Clearly she is reading this card.



Birthdays are awesome!



Family photo...courtesy of the landlord (he really was here)



the cake...I'll explain in a bit


And here is where the real fun began.  Every parent wants to know “what kind of cake eater will my kid be?”.  Here is Quinn’s personal cake eating style:


I'd have picked the chocolate one too.



Go for it girl!


So as for this cake…well it’s interesting about cakes over here.  We figured with the slew of bakeries in this city we’d have no problem finding a birthday cake.  I mean you can barely take five steps without running into a backerei and the countless goodies that summon to you from inside.  One would think a birthday cake would be fairly easy to score here.  But alas, apparently they are without the mass produced efforts of Giant Eagle (or whatever your local grocery chain might be) and so these cakes are hand-made.  With a lot of love.  (Someone literally told Joe that).  Anyway, we did come across what appeared to be a standard cake.  You know pretty basic, but with space to have “Happy Birthday Quinn” filled in.  When Joe asked about it he was quoted a price of 47 euro.  WHAT??????  That’s like 65 bucks people.  For a small cake.  I mean it would just be the three of us….well, and the landlord.  But still.  So we kept looking.  Most bakeries didn’t even offer these type of cakes and the one other that did that we found quoted us 60 euro.  Wow.  We love our daughter and all, but seriously??  And yes I could have just baked one.  But we’re in temporary housing which means a.) the kitchen has what could pass for an easybake oven and b.) the supplies are limited= no cake pans etc.  SO, we decided to just pick up any style cake/dessert and put a candle in to make it officially a “birthday” cake.  Then I came across a cake in the frozen food section.  It was a ready made cake with a layer of smooth frosting already on the top.  Included in the box were sprinkles and two tubes of the very thin “writing” icing.  It was made for us!  So I snatched that puppy up and wrote “Happy Birthday Quinn” myself.  There.  Done.  Perfect.

Birthdays are for reflecting…

6 Oct

Birthdays bring about reflection.  They are a natural time to look back over the past year.  To count blessings, to applaud accomplishments, to plan and set goals for the future.  Sometimes though we count more of what we didn’t do, or what we missed; we succumb to the thoughts of how much less time we have left to fit it all in.  Life that is.  We wonder if we did enough, if what we did counted, blah, blah, blah.  This birthday though is about all the right things.  It’s all about celebration, milestones, and achievements.  It’s about looking back and realizing how much joy has been packed into one quickly passing year.  This birthday is my daughter Quinn’s.  She is one year old today; and all of the reflection…well, it’s sweet.

Here are a couple pictures from one year ago…


Joe in love with his new all time favorite of mine.


And here is Quinn now…


She's so soft spoken.



um...not sure how this was captured, haha!



That's a LOT of tulle for one little girl!


(Okay, these pics were taken by my friend Kim while she was visiting….duh.)

In the last year life has changed vastly.  Like most moms, I do more laundry than before, sleep less than before (despite going to bed earlier), and obsess about things like diaper absorbency, missed naptimes, and when my child will develop a fondness for the word “no”.  I worry about things I never could have imagined…color of diaper stool anyone (ewwww)??  And I rejoice in things I never could have imagined…yes, my daughter has mastered the pincer grasp.  But, like all moms, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

As I reflect on the past year there is so much that comes to mind.  I adored the moment my parents first held Quinn.  I adored when she started sleeping in 5 hour stretches at night almost as much.  I delighted in saying “my daughter” the first hundred or so times.  I delighted in her saying “mama” even more.  I was thrilled when her first tooth came in (why, I don’t know).  And I was even more thrilled when she started crawling.  Each day has brought new abilities, new exploration, and new joy.  And that is just how it should be.  I need to remember that when my birthday rolls around!

I love you Quinn!!

Let them eat cake!

16 Sep

So we HAD to celebrate Quinn’s first birthday while we were still with family!  While in Columbus the weekend before moving we decided to let Quinnie have a little ice cream cake in honor of her big 1st birthday coming up in October.  Here are a few more pics of her enjoying (after a few hesitant moments) her cake.

Quinnie clapping along as we sing "Happy Birthday"

hmmmm....what is this?

Going full force! She is getting every last drop of that ice cream cake.

All done!